Resume Writing

The World of Employment has a gate and Your Resume is the key into that World!


Secrets to Resume Writing:

Do Your Homework!

Tailor your resume to the jobs you are applying to.  In this day and age, people have diversified job skills and in an everchanging business landscape, most have worked in many different fields. Because of this, a resume that is a one size fits all can be detrimental to your job search.  If you make little adjustments that focus your resume for the job you are applying to, you will stand out among the rest!


Dress to Impress!

Normally this applies to what you will wear on the big interview day.  But your resume should look as good as you do!  No smudges, no spelling errors, no wrinkles!!!  Some tips to make your resume look like a million dollars:


  • Use a simple font and a clean layout to emphasize your job skills.
  • resumeUse proper grammar, correct spelling and active tense.
  • Have a clearly stated goal or job objective.
  • Use high quality, white paper.
  • Use month/year format to show dates of employment.
  • Use bold type for job titles you have held, along with the name of the company for which you worked.
  • Use bullet points to list each accomplishment, responsibility or duty (no more than five).
  • Keep your explanations of job duties that you performed as clear and concise as possible, while at the same time accurately representing your job duties and skill sets.
  • Use powerful verbs to illustrate actions that you performed on the job.


  • Explain any gaps in employment such as maternity leave, travel or education.
  • Do not misspell words! (That is the fastest way to the trash can!)
  • Use Standard English, no jargon.
  • List hobbies only if they pertain to the job.
  • Limit your resume to no more than 2 pages.







The K.I.S.S. Method (Keep It Simple, Silly...)

Keep your resume focused and simple.  The interview is your chance to expand on job duties and accomplishments.  Think of your resume as a HIGH RESOLUTION PICTURE of who you are and what you do.  Let the background stay in the background and bring your skills to the foreground!  Here are some examples of how a bad, good, and great resume looks:


 BAD= No clear focus or objective, misspelled words, sloppy.



 GOOD= You can see some of the details but there are still things out of focus.



 GREAT= You can see every detail, you can even see the detail in the middle of the flower.  We have a winner!



Here at Premier Staffing Solutions, we will advise you on bringing your resume and you into focus.  If we can help guide you on your search, that helps us!  The more IN FOCUS our associates are, the easier it is to match them with that perfect job!  



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